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New to Cloth? F.A.Q. Are you intimidated by Cloth Diapers?

Look no further. Here I have compiled an archive of Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about using Cloth Diapers. If you don't find all the answers you need here, try my Blog Diaper Discussions for tons of helpful Cloth Diapering info.

How much will cloth diapers cost me? TOP
Each family will need approximately 6 dozen cloth diapers for use over a 2 year period. It is possible to cloth diaper for as little as $300.00, and most diapers purchased can be re-used for subsequent children making the cost of diapering them FREE! The possibilities are endless when using cloth, in today's world you can even re-sell your gently used cloth diapers and re-coup between 50-70% of what you paid for them.

  •     Average cost of a Cloth Diaper Cover $9.00
  •     Average cost of a Pre-Fold $2.00
  •     Average cost of a Fitted Diaper $9.00
  •     Average cost of a Pocket Diaper w/ Insert $15.00
  •     Average cost of an AIO $14-18.00

The Cost of Disposables TOP
The average baby will use approximately 6,000 diapers in the first 2 yrs of life.

Based on the average cost of 25.5 cents/diaper, diapering with disposables will cost about $1600 ($66.00 per month) to diaper for 2 years, excluding the cost of disposable wipes. Imagine having more than one child in diapers at a time and the costs skyrocket.

(Statistics provided by the Real Diaper Association)

Cost of a Diaper Service TOP
Using the estimate of 60 diapers per week, the average cost of using a diaper service would be approximately $15.00/week. That equals $780.00 annually and about $65.00/month. Over the course of 2 years, a family would spend about $1500.00 per baby for a Diaper Service.

(Statistics provided by the Real Diaper Association)

How many diapers do I need? TOP
If you were going to do laundry every other day and wanted to only use pre-folds & covers, I'd recommend at least 2 dozen pre-folds and 6-8 covers. If you had a little of each then maybe a dozen pre-folds, 4 covers, 6-8 pocket diapers or AIO's.

Do Day Care centers accept Cloth Diapered Kids? TOP
I have had many customers interested in converting to cloth diapers ask me if their Daycare Center is going to accept them using cloth diapers. My initial response is that it is up to each individual daycare and I know of no law that prohibits them from accepting cloth diapered babies.

So a couple days ago I got the idea to call a few local daycares in my area and ask if they will or will not accept babies or toddlers who wear cloth diapers. Below are the results of my top-secret

  • B. Patch DayCare: Receptionist placed me on hold and returned with a simple NO. She vaguely described some type of health issue and tried to lead me to believe there is a law against cloth diapers.
  • Kids Pl.: Receptionist admitted that they have never had any children in cloth diapers before, but said she'd have to call the Sanitation Department to make sure it was ok. I didn't feel like arguing or I would have explained that the Sanitation Dept is responsible for garbage removal, not health codes.
  • W. Academy: NO
  • B. Bears: Only after the child is 12 months of age?
  • S. Petite Academy: Absolutely, no problem! :)
  • K. Care: No one had ever cd'd before, would have to ask the director. Please check back.
  • Doorway to L.: Yes.
  • Country B.: Does not accept children under 2 yrs, but cloth diapers on a 2 yr old wouldn't be a problem.
  • C. Choice DayCare: An at home daycare, said "No."
  • E. Coast: "Sure why not?"
  • JB Junction: Yes.
  • L. Explorers: Receptionist seemed a little confused, said "sure" and then asked if cloth diapers were waterproof?
  • D. Road Disc. Center: "Sure, I guess so."
  • Sunshine & S.: "No problem."
  • ABC Acad.: Never have had anyone use cloth before, would have to check into it.
So the verdict seems to be that people at day care centers are pretty receptive to the idea. Besides a couple of snippy comments made by uninformed employees, it sounded to me like people have no idea how far cloth diapers have come and how convenient they can be.

If you are considering approaching your child's daycare about whether or not they will change cloth diapers, I would suggest you bring in a couple to show them and ask them in person. Make them aware that they do not have to use pins, they do not have to dunk and wash the diapers, and show them your wet-bag and how they'd just simply toss the dirty diaper in for you to take home and launder. Just as easy as disposables if not easier, in my opinion!

Is there a Stinky Diaper Remedy? Wet Pail How To? TOP
Well I don't think there's a cloth diapering mom out there who hasn't had smelly diaper issues at some point. I personally wash my diapers almost every day and they had still been getting pretty smelly after having been peed in. So I decided to try using a wet pail for a change. I put my diaper pail in my utility room where there would be no risk of drowning, and filled it half way with water. Then I added a squirt of BioKleen Laundry Liquid which has Grapefruit Seed & Orange Peel extract in it. I submerge each diaper in the water to soak and when I have about 10 or so diapers in it I dump the diapers and the water into the washing machine. I turn on the washer with either hot or cold and add another ounce of BioKleen, I let them soak for an hour and then let the washer complete it's cycle.

This was my first couple days trying a wet pail. The first couple loads after having soaked in the wet pail with baking soda and/or a squirt of Blue Dawn Dish Soap smelled clean but did still produce a strong odor after being peed in and after over night. After my first soak and wash with the BioKleen Laundry Liquid, this morning when the babies woke up the odor was almost 95% gone. It really is amazing. I need to experiment some more to find out if the BioKleen works as well on diapers that sat in a dry pail, or if it is the combination of them soaking in the wet pail with the BioKleen and washing them with the BioKleen that did the trick.

I retail the BioKleen products in my store, or you can find them in your local Health Food store.

Can I wash CD's with a FrontLoading Washer? TOP
Detergent residue can be a problem, because front loaders use less water and need less detergent to clean. So if you'd like to use regular detergent (not HE detergent), you'll want to use 1/4-1/3 of a normal load amount. Front loaders usually require 1/2 the amount of regular detergent, so with CD she'll want to cut it down from that. If she's using HE detergent, then 1/2 of recommended amount.

A double rinse is recommended with front loaders, just to make sure of no detergent residue. The sanitize setting makes the water really hot, so to maximize the life of PUL, only use that cycle during or after a child is sick with a stomach flu or infection, to make sure any lingering bacteria/virus/fungus is killed. Or use the sanitize cycle to sanitize used diapers purchased online, etc. Over use of the sanitize cycle will breakdown PUL faster, and decrease the lifespan of the diaper and it's effectiveness.

What's so special about Bamboo Diapers? TOP
When I first thought of Bamboo I have to admit that an image of a Panda Bear came to mind. He was just sitting there in my minds eye, munching on a piece of Bamboo somewhere in Asia... So you can imagine my surprise when I heard of Bamboo Cloth Diapers and Mama Pads. Much to my delight, I found out that Bamboo is one of Mother Natures best kept secrets.

So let me tell you what I've found out about Bamboo and why it's so amazing!

  • Bamboo fabric can out absorb cotton by 60% and is naturally moisture wicking
  • Bamboo is naturally Anti-Bacterial, Anti Fungal, Anti-Static, and Odor Resistant
  • Bamboo is 100% BioDegradable
  • Bamboo is a sustainable resource
  • Bamboo is actually a grass and can grow up to a yard per day
  • Bamboo can be grown, harvested, and processed without the use of harsh pesticides and chemical processes

Why is Wool used for Diaper Covers? TOP
Wool is a naturally waterproof fiber and can hold up to 30% of it's weight in liquid before feeling damp to the touch. It is a tough, durable, stretchy, and naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial it is the natures perfect solution for a diaper cover.

How can I make HomeMade Baby Wipes? TOP
There are many ways to make your own disposable or re-usable baby wipes and baby wipe solution. One that I just came across on is:

Homemade Baby Wipes


  • Strong paper towels work the best (for example, Brawny).
  • 2 cups water
  • 1/2 cup of baby oil
  • 1/2 cup baby magic baby bath
  1. Cut one roll of paper towels in half.
  2. Take out the core so wipes pull out of the center.
  3. Place 1/2 roll of paper towels in container.
  4. Pour solution over towels.
  5. Store in container. Makes 2 1/2 rolls.
Another method is to take flannel receiving blankets and cut them into squares. Pre-wet them each day with enough to last that day or keep a spay bottle handy with your favorite wipe solution and spray them at each diaper change.

Can Pocket Diapers be used as Swin Diapers? TOP
Some people do this. Once you have a "stash" you'd be amazed at all the different ways to stuff, fold, double, etc. Some people use a pocket diaper without an insert as a swim diaper. I just did this the other day when I took my babies swimming. The main thing is that with an AIO or Pocket diaper, the moisture is to be held inside the diaper. If you just use a cover or a pocket as a cover, the pre-fold or doubler would be holding the moisture against the baby. Some people don't like the wetness against the baby. This is also why pre-folds need to be changed more often. I still like them though and don't mind changing out the pre-folds frequently.

What's a Liner? TOP
A liner is designed to keep the poop from getting too stuck on the diaper. Flushable liners can just be thrown in the toilet with the poo and the diaper wouldn't have gotten so soiled.

Which diapers are good for Overnight? TOP
Click Here to visit my Blog where I have documented some of my experiences with Nighttime Diapering Solutions.

What's an easy fold to use with Pre-Folds? TOP
One of my favorites is the Diaper Diva Fold! Detailed photos show Shana, The Diaper Diva in action. From laying out her supplies, placing the baby face down on the Pre-fold, tucking the sides, using a snappi or a pin to fasten it, and finally tucking around the legs for extra coverage, this technique is not only easy to learn, it's cute and practical too! Great for use with or without a cover or soaker. Thanks for sharing Shana!

Diapering Terminology / Abbreviations TOP
by Kayla of  Kayla's Cloth Kits

Here are some abbreviations and lingo used in the diapering community that can be confusing at first! (Alphabetical order)

AI2 - All In Two
AIO - All In One
CC - Credit Card
CD - Cloth Diaper
CBPF - Chinese Bleached Pre Fold
CUPF - Chinese Unbleached Pre Fold
DC - Dear Child
DD - Dear Daughter
DD - Disposable Diaper
DH - Dear Husband
DS - Dear Son
DSQ - Diaper Service Quality
DWR - Durable Water Repellent
EBF - Exclusively Breast Fed
EDD - Estimated Due Date
FB - Fuzzi Bunz
Flat - Flat Diaper
FSOT - For Sale Or Trade
Funded - Funded PayPal Payment
HC$ - Hyena Cart Dollars
HC - Hyena Cart
HFT - Hemp French Terry
HTH - Hope That Helps
Hyena - Member of
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
IMO-In My Opinion
IBOF - Indian Bleached Pre Fold
IUPF - Indian Unbleached Pre Fold
ISO - In Search Of
LOL - Laugh Out Loud
MF - Microfleece
MM - Malden Mills
OCFT - Organic Cotton French Terry
OCSV - Organic Cotton Short Velour
OCV - Organic Cotton Velour
OT - Off Topic
OV - Organic Velour
PM - Private Mail
PP - PayPal
PPD - Postage Paid
SAHM - Stay At Home Mom
Seconds - There are flaws in the quality of the product
Snappi - A diaper closure that replaces pins
Sposies - Disposable diapers
Stalking - Stalking a unique item on
T&T - Turned and Topstitched
The Pin -
TIA - Thanks In Advance
TMI - Too Much Information
WAHM - Work At Home Mom
WB - Windblock fleece
WOHM - Work Out of Home Mom
WP - Windpro fleece

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