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EcoPosh Wool Diaper Cover
EcoPosh Wool Diaper Cover

EcoPosh Wool Diaper Cover

Eco•Posh wool covers are made from soft and stretchy knit that is waterproof and durable.  Wool is a wonderful natural option for a cover because it is highly breathable yet extremely absorbent without feeling wet on the outside.  These covers are great for all-seasons and make the perfect cover for newborns, toddlers, even potty trainers!  Eco•Posh Wool Covers are a perfect fit over our Recycled Organic Fitteds, pre-folds, one size diapers and the EcoPosh Training Pants.


•  Size 1: 8 - 20 lbs
•  Size 2: 15 - 35 lbs

All Kanga Care products have been lovingly invented by a mother in Colorado and distributed world wide out of Golden, Colorado. 

Use, Wash & Care:

Pull on over the top of an EcoPosh Fitted, Pre-fold, one size diaper (for extra night protection) or over Training Pants during naps and night for added protection.

Wash & Care:
Wool is self-cleaning and naturally anti-microbial.  Wool covers, unless soiled by poop, only need to be washed about once a week.  Some wool covers can even go 2 weeks between washing, it depends on the use they are getting.

Hand Wash Only, mild soap (baby shampoo works well or we recommend a wool wash - with or without lanolin.)
Do not machine wash
Lay flat to dry.


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