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Try Cloth Diapers Risk Free!
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Try Cloth Diapers Risk Free!

Have you wanted to try out different diapers without making a commitment? Now you can! And instead of us choosing the diapers for you, you can pick whatever you are interested in trying!

How much does it cost? Whatever you want to spend! You get to set your own budget and do as few or as many diapers as you are able to.

Here's how it works:

1. Simply add this Trial to your cart.

2. Add diapers you would like to try to your cart -LIMIT 2 of the SAME diaper

3. Use the diapers for up to 2 weeks.

4. At the end of 2 weeks (from the day you received them, based on delivery confirmation) you either send back the ones you don't like or keep them all!

5. If you choose to send some back, you will receive a store credit for the cost of those diapers minus actual shipping and the $15 Trial Fee.

6. If you decide to keep them all, you will get your $15 Trial Fee back in store credit!

7. If you are expecting and want to try the trial kit with your newborn, you have 2 weeks after the baby's born to make a decision. Just let us know when your birth was! If we no longer carry those diapers or they're an older version we have the right to refuse the return. It is better to wait within a month of your due date to order your trial.

8. We are sorry, but the 2 week time limit will be enforced. If you run into complications, please let us know. If we don't hear from you or receive your diapers back after 4 weeks, we are unable to accept the used diapers as returns.

9. If diapers come back obviously ruined and abused, we reserve the right not to accept them.

10. We will include washing instructions and detergent samples with your Trial Kit

11. In summary, you buy the diapers at full price up front. The $15 trial fee gives you the right to return the used diapers within 4 weeks for a full refund of any diapers you didn't like, minus actual shipping and the $15 fee.

12. Packages must be postmarked within 4 weeks or we will not be able to accept your return. We will mark the package Return to Sender and send it back to you.

So have fun and choose the diapers you want to try out!

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